Pest Inspection Included Free with all Full Home inspections conducted in 2018

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    Buyers Inspections

    Inspection related to the purchase of a home

    Sellers Inspections

    Inspection covers the same things in a buyers inspection, however designed specifically at recommendations prior to the listing or sale of a home.

    Investment Inspections

    Wondering what condition your tenants are keeping your investment property?  How well is your property management company keeping up with repairs?  This is the inspection that is designed to help you answer those questions.

    Mold and Moisture Inspections

    Are you concerned about damp, moist or otherwise potentially harmful or hazardous areas?  This inspection is for you.

    Radon Inspections

    Odorless, Tasteless, colorless, toxic, if you are concerned, we can test and inspect for you.

    Pest Inspections

    Are termites, carpenter ants, pill bugs, rodents, or other varmin nesting inside your home?  Is the structure sound?  How much damage has been done already?

    Services Continued

    Outbuilding Inspections

    This is an additonal service offered for properties that have more than just the living structure on it or have more than one living space on the property.

    Stucco & EIFS Inspections

    Siding inspections, specific to Stucco and or other composite siding, inquire if we provide service for your exterior.

    Indoor Air Quality

    Allergens, dust mites, pollen, chemicals, what else may be affecting your health?  We can test and provide for your indoor air quality solutions.

    Expert Witness Services

    Have a contractor that didnt complete the work properly?  Perform unpermitted work? Need someone that understands building code?

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